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  2. The cholesterol LIE that’s making you sick and giving you cancer and diabetes (and the new solution that will get you off statins FOREVER)…

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  4. The REAL reason many people get diabetes is NOT FROM EATING – and the shockingly easy way to “flush” the disease right out of your body, for good

  5. The FIRST diagnosis of the common parasite that’s making us sluggish, fat, cranky and sick. (How to know if you have it – and how to get rid of the infestation inside you.)

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That’s why, with his permission, I’m also going to reveal the identity of this American doctor and patriot – who refuses to be silenced.

There will be no medals for this hero… but he doesn’t care about that.

He thinks every American citizen deserves the TRUTH.

And you’re about to see why his disease breakthroughs are light years ahead of anything your own doctor can give you today.

So if a life free from cancer, diabetes, memory loss, ED and heart disease for you and your loved ones sounds good… give me just one more minute to explain exactly how you can get complete details on these 5 cures and treatments today,  free.

My name is Christine O’Brien. I’ve been a health journalist for more than 20 years, based in Baltimore.

And I need to start with an urgent message for every American man over the age of 50.

Is it true? Is prostate cancer now CURABLE?

It is now, thanks to a scientific breakthrough called Protocol QC4, which has been shown, through in-vitro tests… to destroy prostate cancer cells completely in just 24 hours.

Today, imagine no painful surgery that leaves you impotent and incontinent (and doesn’t even solve the problem)… or radiation that scars you and actually grows new cancers… or toxic chemotherapy that ruins your nerves and heart muscles.

The fact is, “modern medicine” doesn’t have a single good answer for prostate cancer.

The treatments we do have are so ineffective that doctors often suggest just taking a scary “wait and see” approach… in other words, doing nothing while your cancer grows day after day!

And this much is true: If you’re a red-blooded American male, it’s the one cancer that seems almost unavoidable.

After all, it’s the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men. And terrifyingly…

Almost 3 million American men have prostate cancer right now (even if they don’t know it yet).

Prostate cancer is a devastating disease… it steals your strength, your manhood, your ability to have sex… before it finally takes your life.

In fact, it’s the second leading cancer killer of men, after lung cancer. And it will affect nearly 80% of men at some point in their lives.

Resulting in many tens of thousands of deaths a year. That’s tens of thousands of needless deaths.

If only all doctors knew about the incredible advancement in medicine I’m about to share with you.

Starting now, the 24-hour Protocol QC4 could banish the fear
of prostate cancer from your mind FOREVER.

And if you’re fighting prostate cancer right now, you REALLY need to hear this great news…

I’ll share everything you need to know in a moment. And how to get the protocol for yourself… FREE.

But I want to share even more good news…

You see, even if you haven’t been diagnosed… but are dealing with the nightly annoyance, embarrassment and worry that comes from a severely swollen prostate… the free Protocol QC4 secret I’m about to share can solve that problem too.

So these are some pretty bold claims and you want to see proof… as you should.

So let me prove this miracle to you right now… and I’ll also explain EXACTLY why your doctor has never mentioned it to you before.

Let me start by telling you about a landmark study done a few years ago at the State University of New York in Buffalo… when the potential of a new prostate cancer treatment – the Protocol QC4 – was first discovered.

The scientists conducting the test tube study were stunned to find that…

This new protocol destroys prostate cancer
cells unlike anything else on earth.

In their lab testing, prostate tumor cells were completely defenseless against this new protocol.

The cancerous cells’ membranes degrade. Then the cell nucleus falls apart. Finally, the entire cancer cell shrinks and dies.

And this whole process takes almost no time at all. In fact, almost all of the tumor cells DIED within the first 24 hours.

And here’s the best part: Unlike with chemotherapy or radiation, all the normal, healthy cells were ignored by the protocol’s anti-cancer agent.

In fact, the scientists in the Buffalo study were so amazed at how well Protocol QC4 works, they did their tests a second time.

Same results. Cancer cells diedhealthy cells thrived.

This was HUGE. So they did the testing a THIRD time, just to be sure…

Same exact results. There’s just no doubt –Protocol QC4 is the real thing.

It’s the kind of breakthrough that has the potential to change – and save – the lives of thousands of American men this year alone.

But maybe you’re asking: “What exactly is Protocol QC4 – and how does it work?”

Well, Protocol QC4 comes from kind of a strange place.

Scientists discovered it in something called a “bioflavanoid” – which is a substance found throughout Nature.

Among other things, it gives flowering plants their bright yellow and orange colors.

Protocol QC4 was first discovered when scientists created a specialized extract of this substance.

And it seems to work by shutting off a specific protein… called Heat Shock Protein 90… that prostate cancer cells need to survive.

Without this Protein 90, the tumor cells almost immediately go into a state of apoptosis… which is a scientific way of saying they start to actually “commit suicide.”

Tumors simply wither and die… never to come back.

There’s more.

In fact, some people are now thinking that the natural substance in Protocol QC4 is SO powerful…

It almost seems like a gift from our Creator – specifically designed to kill ALL cancer cells and eradicate cancer from the earth.

That’s because scientists have discovered that Protocol QC4 may target and kill cancer cells in at least 3 more ways.

  1. It shuts off glucose to cancer cells – the fuel they need to grow and multiply.

  2. It interferes in the growth phase of the cancer cell – called the G1 phase – which a cell needs to go through before it can multiply into more cancer cells.

  3. It also causes your body to release something called cytochrome c – which is a specialized protein that tells the cancer cell that it’s “time” to turn off and die.

That’s right, it actually tricks cancer cells into killing themselves… How incredible is that?

As the research continues, we’re learning that Protocol QC4 is an absolute cancer cell assassin… like a whole army of snipers picking off cancer cells by the thousands, but leaving your healthy cells safe and undamaged.

That got scientists wondering…

Does Protocol QC4 work on other cancers as well?

The research is still brand-new, but the results are saying… YES!

In one study at the National Institute of Oncology, the Protocol QC4 was tested on human leukemia cells in vitro.

And the Protocol worked like magic… starting to kill the leukemia cells in just 60 minutes.

And that’s still just the start…

Are you beginning to see just how powerful Protocol QC4 is?

And what it would mean to you and your family to have this life-saving therapy available?

You could finally say goodbye to the fear of cancer, once and for all.

Especially when I tell you this stunning fact…

The doctor I mentioned – America’s most brilliant M.D – has now SUPERCHARGED the Protocol, making it even MORE effective than before.

And he’s going to share his life-saving protocol with you today… absolutely free.

I’ll share more details in a moment… But first I want to introduce you to Dr. Glenn Rothfeld. He’s unlike any other physician you’ll ever meet. Dr. Rothfeld is the genius bringing you the Protocol QC4 today… and he’s fighting mad.

He’s fed up with our corporate system of medicine that prizes profits far more than American lives.

A system that can force us to buy socialized medicine that fails again and again… but REFUSES to give us the treatments, cures and protocols that ACTUALLY work.

Worse… a system that usually DENIES they even exist.

Until now, Dr. Rothfeld has never been one to seek the limelight. Far from it.

After all, the big pharmaceutical companies practically control TV advertising… they spent $3 billion on it last year, so if you see a “TV doctor” you can bet he’s on the take.

No, Dr. Rothfeld runs two very successful clinics in small-town America and he’s spent more than 30 years quietly doing the “unthinkable”…

He’s curing our “INCURABLE” diseases.

Yes, Protocol QC4 could put an end to prostate cancer… and many other cancers too.

But that’s just the start… full-blown diabetes, autoimmune diseases like Crohn’s and MS, and arthritis…even Alzheimer’s and advanced heart disease. This pioneering M.D. beats them all.

Every single day.

Now Dr. Rothfeld is sharing all his disease-crushing secrets, but without co-pays, prescriptions and waiting rooms.

Today, his new “guidebook” is going to tell you how to heal yourself with the latest in modern medical science and WITHOUT your insurance company telling you what to do. And make no mistake, you’ll be working with America’s best doctor.

For nearly 35 years, Dr. Rothfeld has helped professional athletes, celebrities and thousands of people just like you and me conquer the true underlying causes of diseases like diabetes, arthritis, and cancer.

America’s top universities and scientists already recognize his brilliant new kind of medicine…

He was named a fellow at Harvard University’s prestigious Channing Laboratory and developed one of America’s first courses on alternative health for the world-class Tufts University School of Medicine.

He’s even authored 9 acclaimed books about his astonishing health breakthroughs.

But it’s his book number 10 that has the medical world buzzing…. and some corporate fat cats shaking in their loafers.

Because now, for the first time ever, Dr. Rothfeld has compiled every one of this world-recognized disease treatments…into one complete 500-plus page volume.

It’s his life’s work, a guidebook of astonishing health miracles… ones that your doctor simply doesn’t know

And he wants to get a copy in your hands today… Free.

That’s no mistake. Your bonus guidebook… Dr. Glenn Rothfeld’s Cured: 81 Natural Cures for Cancer,  Diabetes,  Alzheimer’s and Moreis yours at no charge.

When Americans are dying every day from diseases that can be stopped, reversed and even CURED

Dr. Rothfeld feels it’s his responsibility to break the silence.

That’s why he’s going to ship you your own guidebook today… at his own expense and with his sincere compliments.

You pay nothing… not even shipping or processing. I’ll explain exactly how to request your own copy in a moment.

In the 526-page guidebook, right on page 41, you’ll find full details on the prostate cancer destroying Protocol QC4.

But that’s not all. Because there’s one challenge with Protocol QC4… the “flower extract” at the heart of it is tough for human bodies to fully absorb and use.

Scientists call that “bioavailability” and without it, it just won’t be as effective.

That’s why Dr. Rothfeld has now pioneered a solution for that… a way to “supercharge” the Protocol… and increase the bioavailability.

When you’re fighting cancer, you want to make sure the Protocol is getting right to the tumors, where it can destroy the deadly cells.

That’s what his new supercharged Protocol does.

And he explains everything you need to know starting on page 41 of your complimentary copy of his new book Cured: 81 Natural Cures for Cancer,  Diabetes,  Alzheimer’s and More...

Cured is a true guidebook to your new, better health. You’ll get exactly what you need to do the Protocol yourself, at home… including his recommended source for the “flower extract” that kills prostate, breast, colon and oral cancer cells.

But that’s just the beginning of what he has for you.

Today, Dr. Rothfeld is pulling back the curtain on
corporate medicine’s biggest LIES.

He’s sick of seeing other doctors load patients up with pills and drugs that ruin their health and empty their pockets.

When they finally come to him, they’re broken and sick… But not for long.

Dr. Rothfeld’s methods and protocols are unlike anything your doctor has… or even knows about. And in your free copy of Cured, you’re getting every single one.

Like how something you ate for dinner last night might actually be the SOURCE of your arthritis pain. That’s right… and no other doctors are talking about it.

Just cutting out this one food could make your joint pain evaporate like dew drops on a scorching July morning.

Plus, there’s now a $5 cure for arthritisif you know where to look. Get the right stuff, and you could feel complete relief in less than one month.

Just turn to page 111 in your new copy of Cured for the step-by-step instructions…

Or, how there’s even more breaking news in the fight against cancer…

Because Japanese scientists have now created a “hybridized” mushroom extract that forces your own immune cells to hunt and kill cancerous tumors.

Clinical trials in Asia are proving… yes, it really works!

The nastiest tumors wither away and disappear… forever!

Most American doctors don’t know a darn thing about it… that’s where Dr. Rothfeld comes in.

He tells you every life-saving detail on page 19 of your free copy of Cured: 81 Natural Cures for Cancer,  Diabetes,  Alzheimer’s and More…

Or how about…

A “secret vitamin” that is said to wipe away
20 years of aging in just 90 days?!

Reports say your skin tightens… wrinkles disappear… age spots fade… you regain muscle mass and mobility.

Oh, and it even protects against heart disease, MS and Parkinson’s. Now that’s just a pipe dream, right?

Then you better flip right to page 345 of your brand-new guidebook to a better life… because it really does exist and you can get it for yourself.

Again, turn right to page 345 when your copy of Cured: 81 Natural Cures for Cancer,  Diabetes,  Alzheimer’s and More… arrives in the mail in a few days.

If “they” say it can’t be done, Dr. Glenn Rothfeld proves them wrong. Time and time again.

And he doesn’t care how many corporate toes he stomps on, because he pulls ZERO punches in his quest for the truth.

Like when he just slaughtered this “sacred cow” of American medicine…

Are you ready to feel a whole lot better? Because…

If you are currently taking statin drugs or any cholesterol medication,
you need to hear this

Lower cholesterol and statins are making you old, sick and weak.

Oh, and they might just give you diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s.

The reality is: Statins kill and you DON’T NEED THEM.

They’re LYING to you. They’re lying to all of us. Ready for this bombshell?

The entire “cholesterol lowering industry” – and it is an industry – is a dangerous fraud perpetrated on us by the pharmaceutical industry… so it can sell us more statins.

And I will prove it to you right now with a simple biology lesson, courtesy of Dr. Rothfeld.

In fact, it’s surprising that almost all other doctors seem to have forgotten it… since it’s the most basic human anatomy.

The thing is… cholesterol itself isn’t bad. It’s actually a biological WONDER DRUG.

Let me explain… Your brain is made up mostly of fat, about 60% fat actually. And much of that fat is, you guessed it, cholesterol.

In fact, it’s well known that cholesterol actually promotes the birth and growth of new brain cells… and helps your brain’s cells and pathways communicate better.

Is it any surprise that 25% of all the cholesterol in your body is found in your brain?

It’s VITAL for brain health. The evidence is overwhelming…

Seniors with the HIGHEST levels of cholesterol
have a 70% LOWER risk of dementia.

So then, is it any surprise at all that people who take statins to lower their cholesterol have a HIGHER risk of memory loss?

Now, all of this is ACCEPTED medical fact. Most top scientists already know this… and have known it for some time.

In fact, a famous biophysicist published a paper on that exact thing in the world-renowned journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

He said…

“If you deprive cholesterol from the brain, then you directly affect the machinery that triggers the release of neurotransmitters. And neurotransmitters affect how smart you are and how well you remember things.”

What he’s saying is: Without enough cholesterolyour brain dies. Simple as that.

And a researcher from the world-renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) recently released a smoking-gun paper showing a clear link between statin drugs and Alzheimer’s disease.

She wrote that not having enough cholesterol in your brain plays a “critical role in the (Alzheimer’s) disease process.”

She also showed how a high-cholesterol diet improved brain function in Alzheimer’s patients… and that she believes statin drug treatment is a devastating risk factor for Alzheimer’s.

In fact, when scientists autopsied the brains of Alzheimer’s patients who had passed away, they found that the brain fluid in AD sufferers had only 16% as much “free fats” (like cholesterol) as the brains of non-Alzheimer’s patients.

That’s right… people without Alzheimer’s had 500% MORE FAT in their brain fluid than people with Alzheimer’s.

Another study looked at 724 people aged 85 or older over a period of more than 10 years.

It found that those with the highest levels of cholesterol lived the longest!

It’s just as clear as day – lowering your cholesterol levels is BAD for your brain.

It ruins your memory and GIVES you Alzheimer’s disease.

And higher cholesterol actually protects your
brain from getting Alzheimer’s disease!

But that’s still just the start of cholesterol’s benefits. Cholesterol creates vital hormones your body needs.

If you’re a man, cholesterol MAKES testosterone – the stuff that makes you strong, sharp, sexually potent and energetic

So if you don’t have enough cholesterol, your testosterone starts to plummet

And low testosterone has even been linked to heart problems – the very problem we were supposed to be solving!

But if lowering cholesterol causes Alzheimer’s memory loss, destroys your brain and reduces your testosterone and other vital hormones… along with statins’ other known side effects like nerve damage, muscle damage, liver damage, diabetes and CANCER (yes, seriously)

Statins must AT LEAST help prevent heart attacks, right?

I mean, they’re part of the most prescribed class of drugs… more than 250 MILLION prescriptions a year… they must have some value.

Nope. They’re just LYING to us.

And, again, top scientists have known it for a long time. In a major study at the University of South Florida, the results were a shocking indictment of Big Pharma GREED.

In the researchers’ own words: “Statins failed to substantially improve cardiac outcomes.”

That means statins do almost nothing to prevent heart attacks.

In fact, the study found that only one out of a 100 people on a statin will have one less heart attack.

There’s no point in even taking them. But that’s not what the drug companies tell you… or your doctor.

The authors of the study – which was published in 2015 in the prestigious journal Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacologycalled statins an outright “deception” of the public.

They said both the safety and the life-saving potential of statins have been VASTLY exaggerated… and absolutely do not outweigh the very real dangers posed by these killer drugs.

So if this paper was published in 2015… and it was far from the first to expose the dangers and ineffectiveness of statins… why are statins still prescribed like candy?

Well, remember when I said that statins have no value? That wasn’t exactly true. They have no value to you or me

But they are worth a whole lot to the companies who make them and push them on the American public.

In fact, the statin industry is estimated to be
worth $29,000,000,000 worldwide.

That’s BILLION, with a big capital “B.”

And that’s 29 billion reasons to lie to us about whether or not they work… and how dangerous they are…

And to conveniently ignore that cholesterol is actually VITAL to our brains and bodies functioning the way they should. And the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – the organization that is supposed to be regulating the profit-insane drug industry?

Well, you might not know that since a little-known law was passed in 1992… the pharmaceutical industry PAYS the salaries of FDA employees, including the large bonuses the top brass get paid every year.

That might be business as usual in Washington, but it’s bad news for me and you.

Statins are making us old… they’re making us sick… and they’re killing us one little pill at a time.

And you follow the news enough to know that $29 billion is more than enough reason for Big Pharma and the FDA… to LIE to every single American citizen about statins.

And to continue to push them on us, while ignoring or COVERING UP the connection to Alzheimer’s disease.

You know Big Pharma and their government lackeys are lying.

And it’s time… time to stash the statins far away. And never take them again.

Especially when there are better ways to protect your heart… if only your doctor knew about them.

But Dr. Rothfeld does.

And he’s going to give you everything you need in your guidebook to a new life… your complimentary copy of Cured: 81 Natural Cures for Cancer,  Diabetes,  Alzheimer’s and More…

Here’s the best part: One of his powerful “heart savers” might just change your life… in a whole bunch of ways.

Let me explain…

There are now numerous studies showing the men with a higher level of testosterone have a vastly decreased risk of heart attack.

One study showed that just having a higher level of testosterone equaled a 30% decrease in the risk of heart attack.

But replacing the testosterone you have lost through normal aging has a whole slew of additional benefits…

Do any of these sound good to you?

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

That’s what increasing the amount of testosterone in your body can do for you.

It’s the only true “fountain of youth” for men Dr. Rothfeld
has ever seen in his three decades of practice…

Maybe you’ve even seen the “low T” ads on TV… even the mainstream caught on to what testosterone can mean to guys with a few extra miles on their treads.

But the pharmaceutical options have a bunch of scary side effects – as usual.  Like cancer risk, breast swelling, vomiting and hair loss… No thanks.

That’s why Dr. Rothfeld has pioneered a way for you to get all the benefits of youthful, high testosterone, NATURALLY and without drugs…

It’s all on page 275 of your FREE 526-page guidebook to a younger you.

You need to get this life-changer immediately, for your heart, for your wife (your sex drive will be through the roof)… and even for just embarrassing your friends on the golf course.

I’ll tell you how to get your own copy of the guidebook in a minute… but I want to share one more thing with you before I go…

And this one is vitally important to all American men and women.

While Big Pharma pushes deadly statin drugs that harm your brain and steal your memory…

Dr. Rothfeld is announcing that his Molecule G breakthrough can now, finally, REVERSE Alzheimer’s memory loss!

Starting today… you NEVER have to worry about losing your identity or your family to Alzheimer’s disease.

Because there’s nothing more frightening than starting to lose your memory.

Sure, it starts off small… misplacing your wallet or struggling to remember the name of an acquaintance.

But it doesn’t stop, does it?

First, it’s losing your keys… then it’s having to ask for the same information twice… then it’s forgetting an appointment and only remembering it later…

And that sneaking sense of fear is real… because science is now finding a clear connection between those early symptoms and Alzheimer’s disease.

Even more scary – they’re now saying that “mild” memory problems might actually be the very first stage of Alzheimer’s disease.

And if you believe your doctor, well, that’s a death sentence.

You don’t know how long you have, but you know one thing for sure: There’s no stopping Alzheimer’s once it starts.

You forget names… your most cherished memories… then how to bathe and dress yourself…

Finally, you don’t recognize even your wife, children, old friends. They become strangers to you.

It’s a prison of the worst kind… because you’re trapped in there alone, with no hope of escape.

And today’s Alzheimer’s drugs are worse than useless.

In fact, they’re so bad that two doctors from Dartmouth University… recently petitioned the FDA, demanding our government tell the TRUTH about Alzheimer’s drugs:

That they just don’t work. Not even a little.

They don’t slow down Alzheimer’s or any kind of dementia.

They have never been shown to improve patients’ quality of life… their ability to function normally, or to send less people to nursing homes.

But worse… these drugs have really dangerous side effects, like internal bleeding, heart damage, nausea and a loss of appetite.

For seniors, those side effects could be fatal. But today I have great news, thanks to pioneering Dr. Glenn Rothfeld, M.D.

He’s ready to announce… while Big Pharma’s best options are completely useless…

His incredible Molecule G solution can save your memory… stop Alzheimer’s in its tracks… and even REVERSE your memory loss.

It’s worked for hundreds of patients and it will work for you and your loved ones… whenever you need it.

And the incredible part is… it’s just so easy when you know about Molecule G.

Think of Molecule G as your brain’s security guard.

You see, G is produced naturally in your body. Scientists have known about it for some time, actually. But as you get older, your body makes a lot less of it.

By age 40, you’re making 30% less G. By 65, you’re only making half as much as you used to… And that’s a big problem for your brain.

Because Molecule G is an insanely powerful “antioxidant”… which means it does something vital inside your body… Molecule G actually binds to the bad stuff we take in all the time by eating unhealthy foods, breathing polluted air, and even through our skin.

Things like environmental toxins and what scientists call “free radicals.” They’re really bad news for our brains, because scientists are now finding out that these toxins are directly linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

The toxins and free radicals lead to abnormal protein deposits in our brains, called amyloid plaque.

Now, in a younger, healthy person, Molecule G grabs these toxins and free radicals and escorts them out of our body… like a bouncer at a bar throwing out an obnoxious drunk.

In fact, Molecule G is the most common antioxidant in your brain, which shows how important it is.

But as you get older, well, there’s not as much Molecule G around. And it stops protecting your brain.

So the bad stuff gets out of control and turns into plaque that damages your brain… and that ends up as Alzheimer’s disease.

In fact, studies have now shown that both people with mild cognitive impairment – the earliest stages of memory loss… and people with Alzheimer’s all have a lot less Molecule G in their brains.

And other studies have shown an even more clear connection…

Lower levels of Molecule G may actually be
what CAUSES Alzheimer’s to start.

Ok, but the solution seems easy, right?

Just start taking some extra Molecule G and you’ll stop Alzheimer’s in its tracks. Easy peesy.

And, actually, some companies do sell Molecule G tablets you can take. I could even tell you where to get them. But I’d be wasting your money.

Taking Molecule G orally just doesn’t work. It changes in your digestive tract and never gets to your brain…

Some doctors do give Molecule G intravenously and, yes, that can work. That is, if you want to spend a lot of money and time hooked up to an IV.

Today, Dr. Rothfeld has an easier… and much less expensive way… to create Molecule G and stop deadly plaque before it becomes Alzheimer’s.

He’s created a new natural protocol… an easy step-by-step way… to make your body produce more Molecule G on its own.

Just like it did when you were 25.

And it couldn’t be simpler…

Because Dr. Rothfeld is announcing a substance – called N-acetyl-L-cysteine – that’s a “precursor” to Molecule G in your body.

What that means is, when your body senses this N-acetyl stuff… let’s call it NAC… it automatically turns it into Molecule G.

So you start making G, just like you used to, and G races to your brain, where it grabs the nasty plaque and toxins and escorts them harmlessly away from trouble.

Basically, Molecule G is like a cleaning service for your brain!

So NAC turns into Molecule G… and G scrubs away the dangerous plaque that turns in Alzheimer’s.

But does it really work?

In studies on mice, which are used because their brains react almost exactly like human brains… some of the world’s top scientists are getting some truly amazing results.

When mice with high levels of amyloid plaque – the stuff that causes Alzheimer’s in humans – are given NAC, it creates the “brain guardian” Molecule G.

And when the amount of G in the brain increases, it cleans up the dangerous plaque that leads to Alzheimer’s.

These studies show it dramatically improved both memory and the ability to learn.

But I get it, you’re not a mouse. So does it work the same way on people?


In a landmark study at the University of New Mexico, a double-blind study of 43 patients with Alzheimer’s confirmed itIt works on our brains too!

The study split the group up into people who got NAC and people who got a placebo.

And, wouldn’t you know it, the Alzheimer’s patients who got NAC tested better on the MMSE exam… the standard memory test for people with memory impairment.

That’s not all, they also tested better on something called a “letter fluency test” – a challenging test of how well they can remember words and ideas.

So that means… the Alzheimer’s damage was REVERSED.

Their memories got better. Their BRAINS got better.
And this was after just a few months of treatment!

Another study looked at 14 people with early-stage Alzheimer’s. In that test, NAC was given along with some vitamins.

Again, the Alzheimer’s patients who got the NAC and vitamin formula tested significantly better for memory and other mental abilities.

Today, there’s a way to stop Alzheimer’s memory loss… and, incredibly, even REVERSE it.
Starting in just weeks.

All you have to do it take NAC in the right dose and at the right time.

What would this mean to you and your family… to know that you never need to fear Alzheimer’s?

With Dr. Rothfeld’s Molecule G protocol in your pocket, you can look forward to all the years ahead of you… knowing that your brain… your memories… are completely protected.

And if you or someone you know is experiencing memory loss right now, well, this is the most important information you could ever learn.

Now, the Molecule G protocol is easy to do, even from your home… but you have to know the exact steps to make it work for you.

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Finally, erase Alzheimer’s from your future… and the future of your wife or loved ones.

In Dr. Rothfeld’s Cured: 81 Natural Cures for Cancer,  Diabetes,  Alzheimer’s and More…, he explains why NAC works and exactly how to use it.

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You’ll see that it’s 526 pages long, with a section on every disease or health problem you could face in your lifetime… and his clear, direct instructions on how to defeat that disease for good.

Again, this information is not available anywhere else. Your doctor simply does not know these breakthrough treatments and cures.

And this book is not for sale – and it never will be. It’s available only today through this report, with the compliments of Dr. Glenn Rothfeld, M.D.

As you hold the heavy volume in your hand, peruse the table of contents. You’ll be amazed at the treasures it contains.

Like on page 513, where it asks this astonishing question…

What if you got type II diabetes not from an extra slice of pie…
but from drinking WATER?!

Well, it’s not from the water itself but a poison that has contaminated well water all across America… arsenic.

And there are no federal regulations for wells, so you’d never know if you were taking in a toxic level.

Science is now finding that arsenic is one of the root causes of diabetes (bet your doctor didn’t mention that one…).

And even if you don’t ever drink well water, arsenic has poisoned our soil thanks to lax government oversight for generations.

Arsenic has been used in chicken feed since the 1940s… it’s also is in our grains, fruits and vegetables.

It’s even been found in sky-high levels in children’s apple juice.

And if you ever eat rice, beware – each rice grain is like a little sponge soaking up toxic arsenic from the soil and pesticides.

There are so many sources of arsenic in America, you’d never even know if you were exposed!

And make no mistake… it’s a killer.

In fact, like the US, the country of Bangladesh also has high levels of arsenic in their soil and water… and a study found that 1 out of every 5 disease deaths in that country can be DIRECTLY attributed to arsenic.


But it gets worse: There are actually no FDA regulations on how much arsenic can be in the rice we eat.

I’m not kidding, no one is even testing for it

Arsenic directly leads to many deadly diseases, but it’s especially linked to bad cases of diabetes.

You see, arsenic actually kills the special cells – called “beta cells” – in your pancreas that make insulin.

So the cases of arsenic-caused diabetes are especially severe… often not even responding to treatment at all.

And not only is your doctor not testing for arsenic, he wouldn’t have much to offer you anyway…

“Try to limit your exposure to it” he’d say. And that is good advice.

But what about the arsenic that’s already in you from eating normal foods and drinking water?

Dr. Rothfeld to the rescue. On page 513 of your guidebook for crushing diabetes and going back to a normal life…

Dr. Rothfeld has outlined a new way to actually pull arsenic – and other deadly toxins like lead, mercury and aluminum – right out of your body.

It involves introducing a harmless liquid into your body that does one amazing thing:

It has the rare ability to “bind” to heavy metals like arsenic… and then allow them to be flushed easily out of your body. How do you know it’s working? Well, you might actually feel a few mild side effects for a day or so… maybe a slight headache…

That’s the binding agent pulling the dangerous toxins out of your tissue and into your bloodstream, before they’re flushed away harmlessly during your body’s normal evacuation processes (yes, your “daily constitutional”).

And Dr. Rothfeld’s breakthrough technique has another added benefit…

A study of this technique on 1,700 patients in the U.S. and Canada showed that it also reduced cardiovascular events (that’s heart attacks and strokes) in a number of different patient groups, but especially among diabetics!

It seems removing these toxic metals from your body may actually protect your entire circulatory system, as well as your pancreas!

And you guessed it – every detail you need is in your free guidebook.

Dr. Rothfeld’s diabetes-reversing technique starts right on page 513.

If you or a family member is suffering from diabetes, I recommend you flip to that page first.

It’s a true life-saver.

Are you seeing how much this new guidebook can mean for your family and friends?

Do you know anyone suffering from heart disease, cancer or memory loss? I pray that you don’t – but if you do, your new copy of Cured is going to make you a hero in their eyes.

Feel free to share or photocopy the pages that will benefit them most.

Now, let me ask you this one question…

Do you ever feel bloated, sluggish, or like you have brain fog? Do you ever have diarrhea? Ever feel exhausted, even when you’ve had a full night’s sleep?

If so, you might be dealing with this incredibly common but seldom diagnosed parasite. It’s the scourge of America right now, but no one is talking about it!

If the symptoms I described – bloating, gas, brain fog – sound familiar to you, you could be infested right now.

Here’s the good news: It’s easy to get rid of, if you know exactly what to do.

Starting on page 515 of Cured, you’ll find the easy test that will show you if this nasty parasite is overrunning your gut right now.

And then on page 516 you’ll find out what you need to do to get rid of the little monsters.

Don’t panic – it’s really very common. But when you get rid of them, you’ll start feeling better almost immediately.

The bloating goes away, but the best part is you’ll feel sharper, clearer.

You’ll feel like you just got your memory back

In fact, a lot of Dr. Rothfeld’s patients who worry they are getting dementia are actually just suffering from this irritating little parasite.

When you get your book in the mail, take the test right there on page 516.

You’ll be so glad you did. You could be feeling better in just days…

With more than 100 breakthrough disease treatments,
your guidebook is a true treasure.

You’ll keep it on the shelf right next to your Bible… and you’ll refer to it often.

No matter what health problem creeps up for you or your loved ones, you’ll be covered.

On page 189, you’ll find out how to make your body “flu proof”no flu shot required! I mean, the CDC admitted last year the flu shot was a colossal failure… and Dr. Rothfeld’s proven solution is just so easy.

Just do 6 quick things at home and your body is flu proof.

Ok, did you know there’s a “miracle mineral” that treats asthma, fibromyalgia and muscle pain?

Oh, and it could prevent you from EVER having a heart attack.

It’s true. The magic mineral cure is right there on page 509 of your complimentary guidebook to maximum health.

Do you know a woman in your life who’s losing her hair? Get ready to be her hero when you tell her about the all-natural solution pioneered by Dr. Rothfeld.

Only he has it… but it works wonders for any lady who’s worried about her thinning hair. The easy-to-do secret is on page 518 of your free copy of Cured: 81 Natural Cures for Cancer,  Diabetes,  Alzheimer’s and More…

And there’s so much more.

Did you know you can get control of Parkinson’s symptoms with just a few simple lifestyle changes? That’s on page 520.

Or how a toxic, creeping crud in your house could be making you ill… and even causing disease?

You can find out if you have it just by doing a simple eye test at home. Get the facts (and the solution) starting on page 387 of your free guidebook.

Want to know the real reason you’re getting up at night to pee?

Science is now saying… in 80% of cases, it’s not your bladder or your prostate that’s waking you up.

Find out the true culprit behind your nighttime annoyance on page 522 – and exactly what you need to do to stop it.

Now, this one is really important.

Do you know anyone who is lactose intolerant? I’m afraid it’s a virtual ticking time bomb.

They must learn how…

Scientists are now saying there’s a scary link between
lactose intolerance and diabetes.

In fact, Dr. Rothfeld says… lactose intolerance is practically a guarantee that they’ll become diabetic… but he’ll tell you how to stop it before it’s too late.

That urgent information is on page 135.

And did you know you can now end arthritis pain and inflammation with just a few natural herbs – without the very real danger of arthritis medications?

Dr. Rothfeld tells you exactly how to do it on page 524.

Get ready to golf, fish, and work in the garage with your new pain-free hands and shoulders

Or that varicose veins may be more than just unsightly… they could actually be WARNING SIGN of a serious vein condition?

Get the facts for your loved ones and Dr. Rothfeld’s 4 simple steps to getting rid of them for good.

It’s all outlined on page 445 of Cured.

From cancer to Crohn’s… from restless legs to stress… from diabetes to dementia…

Your guidebook to a new life, Dr. Rothfeld’s Cured: 81 Natural Cures for Cancer,  Diabetes,  Alzheimer’s and More…, gives you the solution to all of them.

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This small group – Dr. Rothfeld’s inner circle – lives happier
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Like Charles E. from Marblehead, Massachusetts who said:

“Dr. Glenn Rothfeld has kept me alive and healthy since my first surgery for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma over 15 years ago. I've never needed chemotherapy nor radiation treatments due to his masterful care. He truly practices the ART of medicine on the highest level.”

Or Pam L. from The Villages, Florida who wrote to say:

“Dr. Rothfeld helped save my life. When I went through treatment for breast cancer, his complementary therapy contributed to my healing and cure! When I gained weight, he helped me to lose 75 pounds, and I no longer have high blood pressure. I am thankful to have him in my life.”

Or Joan R. from San Antonio, Texas who gratefully wrote:

“My daughter was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome at the age of 17. The doctors in my area basically wrote her off.”

“After seeing Dr. Rothfeld, he began treatment immediately. Within 6 months, she went from being completely bedridden to well enough to work full time!” 

“Today she is a graduate student pursuing a degree as a nurse practitioner. I can’t thank Dr. Rothfeld enough… he is one in a million.”

And there are so many more examples.

But almost no one knows about all these amazing success stories because Dr. Rothfeld’s disease-curing revelations are never released to the public.

Many of these cures go against the big money medicine that dominates our country – and they’re simply swept under the rug.

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So if you’re ready to amaze your wife with your rock-solid ability… and the shocking SIZE of your passion (I hope you catch my drift)… then I have great news.

No matter how long it’s been since you felt like the masculine Master of your bedroom, there’s now a simple solution.

And I’m not talking about Viagra. Viagra works for some men… but only if you’re willing to risk the side effects, like sudden vision loss, chest pain and shortness of breath. Nothing sexy there.

Dr. Rothfeld has now learned there’s a natural way to get the same “hard as hewn granite” results, because his solution works the same way as Viagra, but without the scary side effects.

It’s called “L-arginine” and it’s something your body actually produces naturally. L-arginine allows for a natural chemical reaction in your body, making something called nitric oxide (or NO) in your blood.

And NO relaxes the blood vessels in your penis, allowing more blood to flow into it, meaning larger, more solid erections.

So even if it’s been a long time since you had one of those “stand at attention” moments, get ready to hop back in the saddle

Boosting nitric oxide is actually how Viagra works too – but it does it using chemicals, with those worrisome side effects.

Supplementing with L-arginine does the trick… and then some.

This is just another example of Dr. Rothfeld finding a natural way to do it better!

Especially since he’s now pioneered a special protocol that MULTIPLIES the results! Viagra doesn’t have that…

He does it with a combination of 2 very special natural extracts.

One of them is found in kind of a weird place: The bark of French pine trees.

But what it does is nothing short of amazing.

In a recent study, 40 guys with erectile dysfunction were given L-arginine for a month. And, as you’d expect, they did experience positive effects for the reasons we just discussed.

BUT, in the second month they started giving them this French pine extract as well… and the results were hard to ignore – if you know what I’m getting at.

These guys actually saw a full 80% improvement in their ability to get and keep an erection.

And it didn’t stop there…

The next month they gave them a little more pine extract and the improvement rocketed to 92.5%!

That’s incredible. But Dr. Rothfeld doesn’t want even 92% improvements…

Dr. Rothfeld wants his patients and inner circle members to get back the steamy sex lives they had in their 20s.

So he adds one more super ingredient to his protocol… Korean Red Ginseng or KRG.

KRG has been extensively tested, with even double-blind placebo-controlled studies… showing how well it reverses the embarrassing effects of ED.

Now imagine combining L-Arginine with the French pine extract and Korean Red Ginseng in one specific combination with the exact dosages Dr. Rothfeld has found works best for guys with ED.

You’d have a powerhouse sex combination that will keep your wife breathless, your sheets a mess… and just maybe get the neighbors talking!

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